One Stop Electronic Service

SMD Marking Search

103 million SMD marking data

Update data and prices in real time

Registered members from different countries daily

Golon century special tools

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Electronic parts search

10 million circuit assembly parts

10 years of parts

Includes 5,000 corparate supply chains

Can quickly calculate the BOM cost price

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Board customization

professional chip decryption

1~28 layers circuit cloning experience

Customized by sample

Rapid sample service

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PCB Design & layout

1~10 layer PCB layout design

PCB layout with your schematic 

Update design according to your new idea

Support software and hardware development

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PCB Fabrication

1-20 Layers PCB boards,HDI,FPC

Fixture Test & Flying Probe Test

Good quality with fast lead time

Quote fast, online quote, email quote

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PCB Assembly

First inspection before

SMD process

The first complete sample before DIP processing

2 years quality assurance

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PCBA Testing

Visual Inspection after smd process

AOI Testing(X-ray Testing for BGA package)

Free Function Testing with test jig

Final visual inspection

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Enclosure Assembly

Case Design and Open Mold

plastic casing & metal casing

2 Production Lines for enclosure assembly

Completed Final Function Testing

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